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Woven Polyester Cord Strapping & Strapping Supplies

Our state-of-the-art woven polyester cord strap is designed to replace and out-perform steel strapping and bring your operation into the 21st Century. The benefits of our strong yet gentle polyester strapping include elongation and stretch abilities which, when combined with the tension memory features, allow our strapping to behave like a big, Heavy Duty Industrial “rubber band” during heavy impact.  That makes it easier to use and less likely to break than steel. Our cord strap is a superior product with the engineering of America’s finest behind it. This woven polyester strapping is tougher but safer than the regular steel banding you’re used to, saving time, energy and headaches for you and your crew.

The Benefits:
• Stronger
• Safer
• Easier to Use
• Tension Memory and Elongation
• Will Not Corrode or Stain Cargo
• Lightweight
• Resistant to Chemicals and Weather Extremes


What we’re talking about here is Strapping Products woven polyester cord strap that is manufactured with 100% High-Tenacity, Industrial-Strength Polyester Cord Filaments stitched into a weave and embedded with a reinforced coating. That makes our cord strap a synthetic material that’s stronger than steel without the rough edges or safety concerns.  Strapping-Products Woven Polyester Cord Straps are light, flexible and contain no sharp edges.

Our polyester cord strapping is very easy to handle. Tension is applied using a simple, ratcheting tensioner and our engineered highest joint efficiency Wire Buckle.Woven Cord Strapping can be applied and removed by hand in complete safety without extra precautions. Strapping-Products Woven Cord Strapping drastically reduces the risk of injury during tensioning or removal because it is made from 100% polyester.

What’s the difference between our Composite Strapping and our Woven Cord Strapping? While both are made from polyester filaments, Composite Strap consists of polyester filaments in a straight line that are encased in a polymer. Woven Cord Polyester Strapping, on the other hand, is even stronger because it has more filaments that are woven together for extra strength and it has an added stiffening agent in the strap to make it rigid enough for any industrial uses.

Our polyester Woven Cord Strapping does not damage the surface of your products. No more dinged corners or chips in delicate products. It prevents scratches and stains.  These polyester straps will not corrode or stain your cargo.

In addition, the elongation and elastic memory features of polyester cords allow Strapping-Product's Woven Cord Strapping to be tensioned perfectly on any type of surface. The polyester fibers in the woven cord straps absorb impact forces during transportation, ensuring the integrity of your cargo without breaking. Woven Cord Strapping even maintains its shape and tension under rigorous weather conditions. No matter what you’re driving through, our banding straps are resistant to high temperature, ultraviolet rays and moisture.

If you want to be safe and secure with your straps, you want Strapping-Product’s Woven Polyester Straps.

We Offer Wholesale Accounts:

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